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rugged outdoorswoman
podcast pitch

The Rugged Outdoorswoman Podcast is a new short-story format podcast about femme-identifying people in any/all outdoor sports and contexts. 

Listen to the trailer here : 
to get an understanding of the premise. 

Rugged Outdoorswoman is a collection of short stories about what it means to be rugged in the outdoors.
We use the word rugged to describe the mountains: rocky, broken, impassable, untamed. But we also use it to describe the person who conquers them: skilled, capable, strong. 

Through my years as a hiker and outdoorswoman, I learned that the ruggedness we most often seek to face in the outdoors, is not that of the mountains, but of ourselves. I have struggled with the rugged parts of myself on trail : grief, chronic illness, and disordered eating. The physical challenges I have set for myself in the mountains have been a reflection of the challenges my body and mind have set for me whether I like it or not. Rugged stories are about how the challenges we choose help us move forward with the ones we did not. These do not have to be happy ending stories that are tied up with a bow. Our ruggedness is often more complicated and life-long than that. Just as long as listeners can understand your struggle and how the outdoors facilitated some growth along the way. 

If selected, you will:
1. Write and submit a 15-20 minute story about your experiences facing your own ruggedness in the outdoors. Your story will be edited and produced by our team. 
2. Work with our host and editor, Christine Reed, through a brief editing process to polish the story.
3. Record and submit the story audio.

2. Participate in a brief interview (4-5 quick questions with our host, Christine Reed) which will be included in the episode after the story.  
3. Receive payment for your story (season 1 will be $250) once the recorded story and interview have been completed. 

If you have multiple story ideas, please submit each individually. 

Season 1 will be limited to 8 episodes, but promising submissions will be revisited for Season 2.

Want to tell your story of ruggedness on the Rugged Outdoorswoman Podcast?


Submit here.


Check which of the following you DO have access to:

Thanks for your submission! Your story is valuable and matters. I will be considering submissions with as much care as possible and reaching out soon with more info. 

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