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Rugged Outdoorswoman Publishing was founded by Christine Reed, with the mission of elevating outdoor adventure stories by women and gender expansive individuals. 

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What does a book deal with Rugged Outdoorswoman Publishing include?

  • Editing services (based on the needs of your manuscript)

  • Graphic design and layout

  • Printing and distribution to outdoor shops, libraries, and book stores

  • Marketing tools 

    • Assistance with planning, scheduling, and executing speaking events​

    • Visual assets for social media and physical advertising

    • Entry into relevant book awards/contests

    • Inclusion in the Rugged Outdoorswoman catalogue of publications

    • Web design (if appropriate)

What kind of books is Rugged Outdoorswoman Publishing interested in?

  • Narrative non-fiction (memoir or biographical)

  • Short story collections

  • Written by and about women or gender expansive folks

  • Focused on any outdoor sport/activity (hiking, biking, snow sport, running, fishing, something we haven't even thought of yet)

If you have a powerful, empowering, inspiring story to tell, please reach out to Christine ( directly with your pitch. 

We are currently accepting submissions of full manuscripts-- but if you aren't that far along in the process, she can offer advice to move your project forward.

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